The cost of a private hotel in the city center

Many people who come to Krasnodar on business or rest face the choice: to book a hotel room or rent a regular apartment. Considering the pros and cons of options, you can say for sure that the cost of hotels in the city center in Krasnodar is not much higher than the price that you need to pay for renting apartments in a residential building.

The advantages of hotels in Krasnodar

However, it is the hotel that offers such advantages as:

It is noteworthy that the price of private hotels in Krasnodar varies, so each person can choose a suitable option without having to look for private advertisements about renting apartments for rent.

Considering the cost of hotels in Krasnodar show themselves as quite affordable options. Stop at the hotel will be able not only businessmen, but also ordinary tourists, city guests. The average price of a private hotel in Krasnodar is not much different from the cost that property owners are asking to pay for rent.

Why do people choose hotels

The travel option with renting a regular apartment through the ad sites is gaining momentum. Many people say that this is how they manage to fully immerse themselves in the ordinary life of the city and feel themselves as its inhabitants. Despite this, the demand for good hotels does not decrease, but only increases.

Today the cost of a private hotel in Krasnodar is not much different from the price you need to pay for the day spent in a rented apartment. However, the hotel has a number of advantages that apartments cannot provide:

As can be seen, even under conditions of increased cost of a private hotel in Krasnodar , staying in hotels is more profitable and more convenient. As a rule, they are built in the city center so that vacationers can immediately get to the sights that they want to see. The level of hotels allows you to organize business meetings, breakfasts and dinners in its walls.

Additional services that are provided directly at the hotel, such as washing things, allow you to save time and spend it on exploring the resort town. Thus, the guest of the city can fully relax and enjoy its beauty without caring about domestic issues.

Accommodation Rules


The mode of operation of the Hotel is round-the-clock. Estimated hour to start service (arrival) is 12 o’clock in the afternoon Moscow time. Estimated time of the release of the room (departure) – 12 hours of the day Moscow time. If you want to stay in the hotel a little longer, contact the reception and accommodation services of the hotel, and you will be given an extension of stay (subject to availability).


The guest provides a document proving his identity (passport or driver’s license) for accommodation at the Hotel, and makes a 100% payment for the entire stay in the Hotel. Identity documents of citizens necessary for the implementation of registration records (Clause 5 of the Rules for Registration and Removal of Citizens of the Russian Federation from Registration Records at the Place of Residence at the Place of Residence within the Russian Federation of July 17, 1995) are:

Judges, officers of internal affairs agencies, Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Federal Border Service of the Russian Federation, prosecutor’s office, justice authorities, customs, tax police, foreign intelligence, Federal Agency for Governmental Communications and Information under the President of the Russian Federation , servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other troops on a business trip are registered in hotels for service and travel certificates with an indication of the last name, first name and patronymic and data of the service certificate. (Appendix 1 to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of October 23, 1995 No. 393).

Minors are accommodated at the Hotel exclusively with their parents or persons replacing them (guardians, etc.).

The person responsible for accommodating people in the Hotel is the cashier-administrator of the CIA, as well as the staff replacing them. In the absence of relevant documents, the Hotel has the right to refuse placement.

At the time of registration of accommodation in the Hotel, DP & R issues a Guest Card confirming the conclusion of a service contract. Guest card shows:


Hotel bills can be paid in cash in rubles or by credit card. We accept the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa. If you have any questions about your account, contact the administrator of the reception service.


The hotel has ironing rooms where you can use irons and ironing boards.


All rooms are equipped with built-in hair dryers. If for any reason the hairdryer is missing or does not work, you can always contact the maid service, and you will get it immediately.


All hotel rooms are equipped with centralized ventilation and air conditioning.


In the central hall at the entrance there are vending machines for shoe cleaning.


Individual guest safes for storing valuables are located in the reception service.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our hotel.

220V mains voltage


From June 1, 2014, in accordance with the federal law “On the protection of public health from exposure to surrounding tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption” smoking is prohibited in the hotel complex. Smoking areas are marked with special informative signs.


You are in a building constructed with the strictest fire safety regulations and using the most modern fire protection systems. Fire detectors, fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems are installed on all floors, corridors and other public places. We pay special attention to the safety of guests. Order in the hotel round the clock security service.


When you have finished using electrical appliances, do not forget to turn them off.


Phone: 0 (internal)


Phone: 0 (internal)


Children under 7 years old are accommodated free of charge on existing bedding. For children over 7 years old extra bed costs 900 rubles. This price includes breakfast.


Hotel partnerships are mutually beneficial for cooperating companies, suggest common for participants:

As a result of the establishment of partnerships, the total costs are reduced, the quality of service improves. Our institution is interested in uniting efforts with partners of the hotel orientation meeting these requirements. Efforts spent on finding the right partner will pay for themselves in the future. The result of this choice is a viable business.

“Resident” and companions having similar goals mutually increase their capabilities, exchanging ideas and connections necessary for success. We need partners with other tasks, a joint strategy with which complements the objectives of the hotel. If the company provides us a guest, the customer base will grow. This is beneficial even when paying a reward to a partner. If the settled Guest is satisfied with the level of service, it is possible that in the future he will contact us directly.



The location of the “Resident” and partner hotels in the center of the metropolis offers the advantages of using not only the internal, but also the external infrastructure. With the proximity of business objects, the lack of transport problems, the choice of urban leisure, things are solved quickly, and rest with comfort: